Why Milo's Cave?

"What do you mean "sidewalk?"  I thought you were building me a new bed!
Everyone seems to be Quiltin' Sue, Quiltasaurus, Quilts-are-us or something cute like that.  Either all the great art quilt monikers are taken, or I'm not creative enough to think one up.   So I decided to name my blog and Etsy shop (if I ever actually put anything in it) after my ten-year-old Great Pyrenees dog, Milo.  Milo's cave is not really just one place.  It's location varies depending on the day, and Milo's mood.  In the summer he digs deep into the cool damp dirt under the deck.  In winter, he's content to be under my desk.   So I guess maybe Milo's Cave is that place we all go to escape "real" life sometimes.