Friday, April 4, 2014

Another FG sketch - Working on Piecing

I spent some time this week working on "Rockers Study #1" to try to figure out how to piece it.  It quickly became clear that it was STILL too complicated.  So I started sketching out another one. This time I tried to stay aware as I was drawing, of how it could be pieced.  The pieces are numbered/lettered and come out to only 37  if I've figured it correctly.   That seems doable.
But I found I lost my grip on the task of creating interesting F/G relationship when I was thinking about easy piecing.  Ah the dilemma! 

The colors are really just for clarification of what's what, not the actual colors I would use for the piece.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Testing Posting From My Phone

Given how technologically advanced we are all supposed to be, I thought that posting some clips of my figure ground studies directly from my iPhone camera to a blog post should be fairly simple.    It was, in fact, easy to put them up.  But trying to get the text cursor above and below them wasn't working.  I still need to have a PC it seems.

It gets frustrating that there are photos on the phone, photos on the iPad, photos on the camera, photos on my home PC, photos on my work PC and photos in Dropbox!    I'm trying to localize them all to the home PC,  so that other places can be cleared of big memory-wasting files.  But it's going to take awhile!

ANY way,  here are a few recent ones.

The first three are sketches on the iPad from Notability.  Done with my finger.    I really like this app for simple stuff like this, and for taking notes, or doing sketches.  It's easy to import photos to it, and draw on them, if  you like.

I doodle these zigzags whenever I'm bored.  It's pretty simple to achieve some shapes that create other shapes in the "negative space."    If you squint at them, it's easy to see that the white could be the object, and the color the ground.  Or the reverse.  But I'm not sure who cares.  They are not really a very interesting compositions to me.    It might be interesting to pay with different flat and glowing colors, or texture in the backgrounds.

I'm more amused with my little rocker motif.  Here are two Post-its where I doodled a configuration (?) of them.  Then colored them to come forward against darker backgrounds.  Then I traced it and colored them in the reverse.  I don't think the background shapes are "shape-y" enough to make the figure and ground reverse.  But you sure do see that a bright yellow shape pops a lot more than a dark blue one.

I have some other drawings in my sketchbook to blog, but the pictures I took of them are not here.  Imagine that!