Monday, June 6, 2011


I won't be blogging much until I get back from Ohio at the end of June.   I leave Saturday!?!?! Yesterday  managed to pack all my tools, supplies and fabric into an amazingly small box.  I've decided to FedEx it - so I won't have to carry it through the airport and pay an extra $70 for second piece of luggage.  FedEx should be less than that...  I was going to just take a humongous suitcase, but when G. got it out, we found the zippers had been rendered non-functional by some leaking scuba-repair product last trip... sigh.

I still have to do something for the Round Robin and turn it in befoure I go.....  Argh.  It was just too nice out this weekend.  I better save a few items to work with.

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