Monday, October 31, 2011

FFFC #62 Progress Continues

I really had a lot of fun working on this piece all day yesterday.  Spent way more time than I expected, and made a few costly (time-wise) mistakes, like accidentally adhering the two halves of my triangles to each other when ironing on the freezer paper... but I think it's been worth it.  With a little luck, I will have time tonight to finish the fusing.  Here's a photo-journal of the day:

I used AutoCAD to enlarge one of the squares from my last post to a six-inch size, printed it onto freezer paper, and then adhered it to triangles of black fabric that had been backed with fusible webbing.

Here's a look at the first cut-out pieces, making sure I know where they all came from!

Starting to see the pattern emerge....

OMG, what have I done?
After all that cutting, I laid out a piece of white fabric and used a heat-erase marker to rule out 6" x 6" squares.  Turned out my pieces were not precisely 6" (moi, imprecise? ) but the design allowed for some fudge factor, thankfully. The printout of the full design was needed to make sure I was putting things in the right places.
Starting to take shape...

Trying to separate pieces that had been accidentally fused resulted in a severe case of the fuzzies.  Hope I can trim/brush them out when I'm done.  I gave up at about 10 pm last night.
Here's how it looked at bedtime.  I had put up all the cut pieces that were not fused wrong, so tonight I have to re-cut more fused pieces... but it will be worth it, I really love this design.

I will probably post it to the FFFC site after completing the fusing. It was suggested that we could just do paper or cut-outs photographed, but I love this one so much I want it to be a finished piece.  I am hoping I can get some good feedback on how to bind and quilt it.  I'm not sure if it wants a black border or not.  Can't wait to see what the other FFFC members have done, but don't want to look too soon, it's more fun to see a big "reveal" at the end.

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