Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New year, New quilt ALMOST done!

I see that I posted about the Wonky Cabins top being completed on November 28. Well, here I am just a mere 7 weeks later posting that the quilting is complete.    That's a sad state of affairs!  But that's what the holidays do, I guess.  Time to get back into gear.

This was my first try at very dense echo-style quilting. I was pleased with the results.  It didn't take incredibly long to complete - probably three sessions of a couple hours at a time.  I set my stitch length at 4.5, and that helped it move along fast, but also led to a few jumpy spots.  I'd go with 4.0 next time.  I like the way the curving patterns add another layer to the otherwise rectilinear design. I didn't design anything ahead of time other than the first big curving line across the piece, then just followed it around until things started to get boring, then went in another direction.  As I went, I learned how to hide stops and starts better, and how to mostly avoid doing 180's at the end of each line, as well as avoid spiraling myself into the middle of a space.  This was a good comfortable size to work on, not so much wadding up and shoving of material through the throat of the machine. (Yuck, that sounds nasty, doesn't it?!?).

  I should have started the project with a new needle, I'm pretty sure this one was too dull, and maybe too big as well.  Some of the tighter-weave fabrics like the Gee's Bend stuff really shows the needle holes.  How are you supposed to tell what size needle you have in there, if you don't remember?!!?  Some are color coded, but the Schmetz are not, I don't think.

As far as future plans, I think I fairly intuitively outlined a good plan for the year in my previous retrospective post. After writing this post I added one more.   I cleaned them up just a bit and created a side-bar list, to keep them in front of me as I work, or at least as I blog!

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