Sunday, March 18, 2012

Progress on the Restructuring

I've been back from the workshop for four weeks now, and just yesterday got the time to finally assemble and partially square up my quilt top from the workshop.  I am sort of happy with it... but wonder if I should continue trying to bring more balance into it... for example there are more dark beige and fewer white strips on the top.  I have decided to hang it the other way up.  I like that better but still can't decide if it's "done."

I'd originally intended to "restructure" it more upon completion, but the comments in the workshop review were just to keep it as is. Nonetheless the lack of any hierarchy or focal point eats at me.  I'm contemplating adding a few darker strips:  

Two is not enough, and I just barely have enough of that darker stuff to make three strips.. I could try to put together more of it from scratch... if I even have enough of the fabrics.. or would a different pattern work as well?  Better?

I know my typical inability to leave well enough alone, and usually I regret it when I go too far, so I'm resisting for the moment... but will keep pondering.  The quality of the work is not as bad as I'd feared, but then my standards are not too high!  I keep telling myself that excellent workmanship should be a given, that if I expect to be accepted as an artist, I can't pass off shoddy construction techniques.  They're not "arty," if they're not intentional!    There are definitely bad seams, bad pressing, and un-flat areas, but I think that after quilting it will be acceptable.  I was surprised that many of the students brought "quilt tops" to the workshop for their presentation, and that Nancy even said, next year bring 5 quilt tops... as if the "finish" was just not important.  I guess the point is not to spend time on it, if the piece doesn't really merit finishing... but this feels wrong for me, at least at this point in my "career."  (Although I admit to a large number of UFO's that I have no interest in finishing.  Need to let them go, if they're not worth the trouble!!) 

How to quilt??  Does it scream for more horizontality? Or contrast?  WWNCD?  :)

Here's a closeup...

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