Friday, January 4, 2013

Sophia's Quilt

Here's an update on Sophia's quilt - getting very close to the top being completely pieced!
Someone asked me about the pattern, and I wanted to give credit to the designer.   I saw it here, in a Quilting Daily newsletter, and really loved both the great movement of the pinwheel pieces, and the simplicity of the piecing -  I want Sophia to have it before her next birthday and I knew this would be doable.  I discovered that the block design is by Elizabeth Dackson, of "Don't Call Me Betsy" fame.

In one of those synchronicity moments, It just so happens that this morning I caved on my "no new projects" resolution already and signed up for her BOM for paper pieced stars.  I've been loving paper piecing, and especially the stars I've been seeing around Pinterest, so I thought this BOM structure would give me the discipline to actually do it... How hard can one block a month be?  Plus I get to interact with all the other crafty people and see their designs and color choices.   It should be fun!