Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quilt for Nature in the Balance

The call for entries to this show came out in about December I think - or anyway, many months ago.  Climate change, generally, is the theme.  Open without jurying to any Whatcom Museum member.  How could I not?  Well, of course I procrastinated until the last possible time.

No, I don't want to say procrastinated.  With spring finally here and 1,200 sq. ft. of veggie garden to plant, and trees and flowers to maintain, and a two week jaunt across France to plan, I didn't procrastinate as much as prioritize.

But I was determined to make this happen, and I did.  I didn't take time for in-process photos, so all I have to show is the end result, but here it is.

Tipping Point
So, per usual, it's my bad photography, not a crooked bottom.

This is all pieced.  I had let myself forget what a challenge I had piecing curves at the workshop.  In my mind's eye, it was going to be assembled strip by strip - with only the slight curves of each strip.  That didn't happen.  As I assembled colors and textures on the wall, I found that I couldn't really piece one strip at a time and still expect the globe to be round.  So I assembled the top of the sphere first, including the black bar.  Then I made the bottom strips and attached the bottom of the globe to them.

All that was left was two really nasty inset seams where the "sky" segments met the "water-with-globe-attached" pieces.

It does not have to go to the museum until June 18, so I still have to attach a hanging sleeve and some sort of slat.  Artwork is supposed to be ready to hang, with proper hanging devices including wire.  So I guess I will include a wood slat in the sleeve.

And in five more days, we are off to France!!!


  1. Well done on the circle! Bravo for finishing it in time considering your other priorities.
    Prioritize, not procrastinate! Though it can become a slippery slope, that will be my mantra.
    Have a great time in France!

  2. Thanks for the comment, and complement! France was fantastic, and I feel so inspired by the fresh perspectives I have.