Monday, October 14, 2013

Color Prints #3 Top Finished

I ended up ripping apart this piece and starting over.  There was enough there that I didn't want to just discard or recycle it, so I reworked it.  I still don't like it as much at #1 but it is much better.  This is a blurry iPhone photo because I thought it would be easier than plugging in the camera and cord.  Not.  Grr.  Anyway:

Color Prints #3 Updated

Color Prints #3 Original
There was a sense of weaving in the original, which got lost.  I liked the way the blue seemed to go over and under the lavender stripes, and also under the yellow bar.  But otherwise it was pretty clunky.  The new version seems more harmonious, although that little purple ledge sticking out beyond the purple bar is sort of annoying.

I need to develop some consistency to naming pieces, too. I called the "first" one in this series #8, because I had considered using the series title "Color Prints" for all the "Golden Mean" quilts, (4 golden means and three partials =7).  But then I decided that made no sense, since they didn't have prints in them.  Not to mention that I forget the first Color Print, which was "Are You Crazy?"   I'll get there, someday.

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