Monday, December 23, 2013


It's that time of year again.  No matter how many times I make and then ignore resolutions, I still find myself thinking about them at this time of year.  Maybe I should make a resolution not to make resolutions?  Nah, I'd just break that one too.

This year I'm thinking about starting small, but consistent.  I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking my resolutions will be:

1. Just unroll the yoga mat on the floor every morning.  I don't have to actually do anything, but I know if I find myself standing there with the mat, I am more likely to actually do at least a couple minutes of practice.

2.  Open a sketchbook and make a mark every day. Anything.  Even one line.   I carry a sketchbook everywhere.  I rarely open it. I frequently see things that interest or inspire me, but typically use a camera instead of a sketch.  Snapping a picture does not make you think like sketching does.

3.  Walk downstairs into the studio every day.  I knew when we moved here 18 months ago, that the trade-off of getting more space to work would be not being in the midst of my work every day.  When the studio was the dining room, I had to walk by the design wall, and look at it, and often made at least a quick change or move when I did.  Now it's too easy to just stay upstairs until "later."

I think these three little things would make big changes for me.

Then there's the usual... drink more water, exercise more, eat better, stay off the computer, blah blah blah.... those are the resolutions that are impossible to keep because they're not measurable, or I'm not willing to measure, anyway.

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