Saturday, March 22, 2014

Interesting Experiement with Value

One of my goals, after coming back from the Crow workshops was - again - to work on value.  So important, so often ignored or forgotten (by me at least).   After sorting out my fabrics, I took some test photos with the filters on my iphone.  There are three choices, Mono, Noir, and Tonal.   Problem is after emailing the photos off the phone, then downloading them, then re-uploading them here, I'm not certain which is which is which.  But it was an interesting experiment.

I think for my first sort it looks pretty good.  I know I tend to put yellows in a darker category than they should be, and greens in a lighter one.    I think that lighter mass in the medium-dark pile is red/pink, and that might be why the different read. 

Later today I'm going to do some more technical photos with Photoshop Elements.




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