Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rockers #3 Pieced and Revised

Last week when I was done piecing, I shared an image of this piece on Facebook.

I was pretty happy to have finished piecing it in a couple weeks - probably about 12 hours total.  But seeing it on the wall, and especially in the photograph, I was bothered by the upper left corner.  First there was too much of the light yellow color.  Second, it didn't really contrast with the bright yellow figure, so the figure sort of mushed into the background. Third, the curve of the yellow into the spruce color stood out because it was the sharpest curve and the only curve that is not a figure. 

I could carry on about a lot of other reasons it bugged me, but you get the idea.  I played for a few minutes pinning some colors over the yellow, and quickly found an option I liked:

This morning I was able to quickly piece that in.  I likes "quickly!"  Here's how it looks now:
I am much happier with this.  I like the way the dark green forms a shape, and I think I even like the hourglass shape of the spruce enough to keep the curve, if I can cut down the left side to do away with the awkward way the line intersects the curve on the bottom.

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