Monday, September 8, 2014

Improv Squares

As I mentioned in the previous post, I've been playing with all the leftover fabric that was created during Rockers #4.  It's hard to re-file weird shaped pieces, but there was too much, and the pieces were too big to just put in the scrap bin.

I started sewing together random pieces.  They were interesting, but I felt like just combining them completely free-form was resulting in weird random shapes.  I would like to do large free-form abstracts, but it seemed like the parameters of this exercise - just using up scraps of eight colors - was not conducive to a good free form composition.  So I decided to make squares. I thought that would give the piece some structure.  The 6" squares seemed too small, but I had several of them, so I started also creating rectangles that would be approximately the size of two 6-inchers.

I'm still not sure how many of them want to be included in a piece.  At first I was thinking a square of  36 x 36, but that still seems pretty random.

I'm really liking how a simple 12 x 12 (really 11 x 11) combination looks.  Maybe there will be a variety.

Here's the wall with all the pieces I've made so far.
The top squares are not sewn yet.

I like this one, but the curve is to close to the edge.
It was remaining from the previous project.
Another possible keeper - close up.
 Making the simple squares would be quick, and done, but a lot more finishing work!

Here's the remaining pile.  Not sure how many more I will make.  They get more and more complicated as the scraps get smaller.  I already screwed up a few and had to recut, which also makes them more complicated,  Oh well.  I'm having fun.  Isn't that the point?


  1. Do keep going on this - the colours, and the fact that they're "negative shapes" from another project, both help to unify them ... and I can see large and small ones placed on a background (rather than stitched together), perhaps with some dense quilting (straight lines, maybe?) to hold them in place, raw edges butted or perhaps some of the background showing through here and there.

    1. Thanks for the input Margaret! I'm a little slow checking my comments sometimes. Isn't it amazing how something totally unplanned turns out to be a favorite project, and process. I am loving doing these, and actually have a potential buyer for a finished product!