Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Resolution Review....

Here are the resolutions I publicized in January.   How did I do?

Study hard with/after Nancy Crow
I think I did this well, at least at first.  I spend a lot of time in the months after the workshop focusing on figure ground, and developing the Rockers series.  Lots of sketching was good at first, but tapered off later.

Study design and composition
Ditto.  I have been reading whatever I can get my hands on, getting critiques from Master Class, and of course took the week-long workshop with Terry Jarrard-Dimond which was an intensive design-oriented class.

Study color
Ditto, though not as formally.  I still need to do more of this.  Of course it’s a life-long quest.  I have to get past all the basic classes that seem to repeat the same things over and over – complementary color schemes, etc. etc.  More play with the Albers App is in order.

Continue "Color Prints" series.  See where it leads.
Nope.  That series was abandoned in favor of Rockers, which started in the Crow workshop.  The major piece that I informally called Magnum Opus was competed as well as two smaller ones.

Make labels for all completed quilts still in my possession.
  I did really well with this.  And it only took me one day - Dec. 27 - but hey, it’s done! The hang-up was inventorying them all and trying to find dates of completion on the blog.   I finally said, WHO CARES? And settled for the year.

Make hanging sleeves for all completed quilts still in my possession.
Yes,  I plodded through this during the fall and winter months.  All are done!

Resist temptation to do "functional" stuff
Well, almost.  My Dad requested that I make him some placements for Christmas, and of course I couldn't turn him down.   Made some potholders to match, as well as a few extra potholders for gifts.  Also made two sets of curtains, bedroom and bathroom.  The house still looked bare after almost 3 years of living there.

Finish or give up on the current UFO's
Making a little progress, but not letting it consume me.  I’m getting better at not caring about finishing something will not be good enough to sell or show.  Using the backlog to focus more on using them for quilting practice.

Learn to photograph my quilts
No, I never got a Round Tuit on this.  

Learn to use Photoshop Elements
Not much.  I have used it a little more, but not enough to keep from forgetting what I learned by next time I want to do it!  Also I didn't do this, because I didn't do the photographing.

Enter at least one SAQA show, besides the trunk show.
No.  Didn't see anything that inspired me. Didn’t enter the trunk show either –the piece I had created for that purpose was ugly so I used it for a mug rug on my desk instead.

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