Thursday, May 28, 2015

Overdue Update

I've stepped away from blogging for awhile, obviously.  While I love documenting and sharing what I'm doing, it began to feel like a burden, and I was feeling guilty for not keeping up.  My priorities for spending time have shifted, with work demanding more and more time and energy there was just not enough "spare" time to go around.  I decided I needed to let go of all the "shoulds" like studio time, and focus on the "musts" such as work, exercise, remodel the house.  In fact it felt really liberating to allow myself to let go of all the plans, and goals, and schedules, and targets and just make what I want to, when I want to, and solely because I want to.  If I want to make New York Beauties instead of art quilts, that's just fine and dandy it's my life.

But that's not to say that things are not happening in my art world.  2014/15 has so far  followed what has become a yearly cycle.  My focus in December is always getting ready for Christmas, making holiday gifts that should have been started in September, decorating, socializing and spending time with family.

Then as soon as January hits I realize, "Oh Crap!  Nancy Crow workshops are in March and I have nothing new to show!"  I work like a maniac during January and February to produce things that will get a 30-second exposure during show and tell.  Working on things I am convinced will be long, productive series, my true life's calling.

Then the workshops happen.  All sorts of amazing experiences both with my own work and watching others work. All sorts of new ideas percolate.  I get home with all sorts of intentions to start with a fresh new series....

Here's the major piece I made in the workshop

And then....

WHAM!  That wall.  Even though I know it's inevitable, I try to tell myself I will get home and start right in on all those great new ideas.  But I worked so hard before and during the workshops, why not just take a little break.... just 'til the end of March....  You get the picture.

But - good stuff continues... In keeping with my "what the hell" attitude I submitted three older pieces to the Jansen Art Center Early Summer Juried Show, and guess what? All three accepted!

Busy Signal, Tipping Point, and Green Field.

Busy Signal was also on display at the (non-juried) Allied Arts All Member Show.

So that's exciting!


  1. Sharon- It's great to read your blog. I feel like I just caught up with an old friend. Congrats on the show and the great produced during the workshop. I think your year sounds pretty dang good. Keep going!

    1. Hi Maria - thanks for reading and for the encouragement. I just got back from vacation, so it's time to get back to the studio before I forget how to use my sewing machine!