Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting back to work...

Or at least thinking about it.  by work, I mean art work.  I was so motivated by QSDS.  But then there was a week of decompressing at Dad's.  Then getting home and having a big deadline.  Then getting a bad cold, on top of a heavy meeting schedule.  I'm still fighting the cold this week, and on top of that the wedding pressure is building.  I'm behind on invitations, music, food...   

So it's unlikely that I'll be jumping into art work any time soon.   I brought back a friendship block from MQ last meeting, god knows why, except it was a very simple one that I felt I could do without mucking it up.

That growing list ------> of UFO's is weighing on me.  lots of them really just need binding, or some finishing touches of quilting, then binding.   Others might never happen and should just be written off as learning without needing to produce a finished product.

I did spend Sunday clearing the chaos from my desk so that I can reclaim some actual work space from the piles that seem to grow everywhere.

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