Monday, May 21, 2012

Transformation. Basement to Studio

I know I promised to document how an ugly basement is to become a fantastic studio, and I've been so busy packing and hauling boxes that I forget to take many pictures, but here's a little photo-essay of what I have photographed so far...

This lovely mess of plumbing has since been all closed in and painted white.  But I still harbor a secret plan to encrust it with "jewels" and other random found objects that I have already collected, and continuing to add miscellaneous stuff that I seem to pick up wherever I go.   It will be my "Memory Sewer Pipe." 

Close up of the lovely plywood shelving the previous owners kindly left for us.  I'm pretty sure they bought all their paint from the clearance/mistake shelf.  the yellow looks almost pretty in this shot, but believe me, reality was more like the above. 

The transformation begins.  Yes, it IS always him doing the work and me photographing.
Here is a blurry picture of the rug, retrieved from storage, and laid out temporarily. 

Everything that wasn't moving or brick was painted white. The shelves are nicely set up by dh for ME to paint.  The white floor is not quite what I was hoping for.  I envisioned a shiny gloss like you see in a muffler shop or something.

I do not know why Blogger won't let me insert photos at the END of my post, but it insists I want them at the top.  or at least somewhere other than the bottom.  Rather than fight I guess I'll start a second post to show my current studio/dining room for comparison.

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