Friday, September 21, 2012


I always feel guilty for posting boring blog posts full of words.  Art blogs without any pictures of art can be pretty boring.  I haven't been doing too much art, though.  I have been doing little catch-up things here  
and there.  

Here are all my little oddballs above the mantle-less mantle.

Here's what collected back on the design wall after I cleared it off last weekend.  The rectangle is my proposed size of works for the Series workshop.  It is a golden rectangle proportion, but it just doesn't look so harmonious to me right now.  I'm hoping it will grow on me.

I finished quilting the Art Deco FFFC piece last weekend, and plan to face it tomorrow.  The intuitive piecing piece is ready for a sandwich and some practice quilting.  The Carol Taylor piece needs more yarn applique around the edges, and then in circles.  The other red, white, blue and black blocks are what I have been doing to practice curved piecing.  I cut enough for sixteen of these babies, and I'm sick of them already.  It takes me about an hour to do each one.  Worth it? 

This picture is the view behind me.  I've used some cute little magnetic clips to hang smaller pieces on the steel column.  I should probably treat that one by Shanna and Barbara with a little more respect, maybe even a frame?

This morning I worked on trying to fashion a 3D petunia bud.  I'm not overly pleased with it.  If Jo will add the fuzzy thread, maybe that will help.

Tonight I worked on a hanging sleeve for the Log Cabins quilt.  
I realized I need to put sleeves on my UFO list, too!

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