Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No Right to be Cranky

I just caught myself feeling cranky that my favorite bloggers don't update very regularly, and thought about how long it's been since I posted anythings substantive.  As I'd fully expected, the intensity  of Lisa Call's Working in a Series class, and now the addition of the color class is taking time and mental energy, but it's such good energy!  I've finished my first asignment in the series class, and am very happy with it, and with the class.  Now to learn about oil paints!  I didn't know that the color class was going to involve painting, but now that I've recovered, I'm up for it.  Might be useful in the future.
I also have to be carful when I find myself feeling cranky about not having enough time, that I knowingly willingly, eagerly got into this, now it's up to me to manage my time so I can enjoy it!

More details and photos promised soon!

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