Saturday, March 16, 2013

Deprogramming Time

Several of us joked that spending two weeks in a Nancy Crow workshop is a little bit like being kidnapped by a cult. Except that we go willingly. Willingly, we cut off most communication with the outside world, eat only what we are fed (although it's great food!) and spend 14 hours a day focused on the pursuit of figure/ground and knockout compositions.

Okay, enough sarcasm. The short version of the report back is that I feel like I absorbed immense amounts of information about art and design and composition, learned a lot about sewing and construction techniques, had some great ideas, saw some masterpieces by classmates, had great times made new friends and spent time with those from last year.

But I didn't really produce much in the way of great work myself. I have more pictures on the camera of some of my in-process stuff, which I'll post and continue working on. And some of my classmates' which of course I won't post. But if any of them blog, I'll definitely link to them.

Right now I'm on the ferry heading back to "the mainland" although technically Indianola is not a island the easiest access is by ferry. Here are a few more process shots that are on the iPad.

The first exercise of the first week was creating a figure-ground composition with black and white strip-pieced fabrics.  I wanted to do something other than rectangular, but this didn't work too well.  The narrow lines disappeared into the seams.  It's not fully sewn together, so I can take it apart and re-work it.  I think I will add some wider black strips.

Oh, and by the way, "Asemia" didn't get accepted into the SAQA show. 

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