Sunday, April 7, 2013

Checking Things Off The List

I'm on a mission to get things off the UFO list, either finished or given up on.
Yesterday I finished Elisabeth's iPad case (hope she's not reading, I want it to be a surprise).  Hard to see (I know, I know, learn to take a #$*& #*$& decent photograph).

And the FFFC Art Deco Challenge (it just needed binding/facing). Two pieces off the list!

  I also finished piecing the Christmas paper piecing project, put a border on it and then this morning sandwiched it.  All ready to quilt! Moving to the quilting list.  

Then I went back to the NC "Busy" strip piecing assignment for awhile, until I felt like it needed a rest...

So I pulled out and nearly finished all the blocks I had cut up in January for a curved piecing exercise (that was supposed to be in preparation for "Lines, Circles, Curves and Figure Ground."
After the photo, I got about 5 more blocks done - and started assembling the final composition   That is the fun part!

I spent Saturday evening watching basketball, and unsuccessfully trying to put beads on another UFO ("Deep Sea Strata"). Could not get needle and thread small enough to go through the pearl beads I'd intended to attach.  After talking to an expert at the bead store today I found out it was not my fault.  It's just that pearls are drilled with very small holes... for whatever reason.  But I bought some finer needles and threads, might give it one more try.

Now for the easy stuff:  Two more coming off the list: Katie's Napkins - never did them, wasn't sure how, the place mats are probably worn out by now anyway.  Shopping bags for gift exchange - no one else did the exchange, so I'm not going to either.

Now I need to get back to the Pink Petunias.  That has been hanging over my head like a dark cloud for too long.  I tackled the most difficult thing, the buds, first.  And when I couldn't achieve what I wanted there, I got frustrated and put it away.  I will start now on the easier part.  Fusing, I think.  But I might want to try to piece it.  That would NOT be easy.

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