Monday, April 8, 2013

Red, White and Black and Blue...

I had a great time this morning and evening with the slashed blocks. After the tedium of assembling them, it was really fun to play with the arrangement.  I think I have one I like, but I will let it simmer overnight.  I had a few glitches with the block size, some didn't go together as easily as others, and I had to make a couple repairs.   I was delighted with the sort of dancing or leaping figure that I saw emerging from the rather static individual blocks.  I think I'll call it "Leap of Faith."

I had many more iterations, but this was the first one I photographed.

I was pleased that most of the blocks actually squared up nicely.  
There were two blocks that were repaired.
In this photo I tried the easy repair.  
It was obvious and clumsy.
It might not have been obvious to others, but to me it was glaring.
I thought this was the final.  I was turning out the lights.... 

When I found one more switch I had to make.  Can anyone else see it?

I wonder if I should try rotating them around before I call it done.....  I like the repetition that comes from this consistent arrangement.  WWND?  She would probably tell me I am being a control freak.  "I can hear her shouting at me -  "Just try it!!  How will you know if you don't TRY IT?!?"

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