Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WIP List

I did some editing on my WIP (work-in-progress) lists today, but the end result doesn't make much difference.

  •  I moved Sophia's quilt to "completed tops" which it really has been for months (well, except the border...) 
  • But I had to add Sophia's OLD quilt on WIP as it's still in pieces in a box.
  • I decided that WIS #5 is done, in three pieces, and going to stay that way.  So that moved to "completed tops."
  • I added the two new completed tops.
  • The only thing really DONE and off the list is deck cushions.  I did the hand sewing over the summer.  There were supposed to be two more, but I never did them and the foam rotted from sitting out in the sun.  
  • I took Jackson and Ava's baby quilts off the list, because they're not even started, so can't be "in progress."  That's one way to get things done! 
  •  But had to add the paper piecing stars that never hit the list for some reason.   Maybe at one point they were going to be Jackson's quilt, but they're not functional, they need to hang on the wall.  In the girl's room, hopefully soon.

I have two pieces just waiting for binding, if I get that ready I can stitch in front of the tv maybe.

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