Monday, September 20, 2010


Well,  the first Fast Friday challenge is only a few days away. I'm almost buzzing with the anticipation of getting started.   I've been trying to mentally prepare myself, without any preconceived idea of what the challenge will be... fabric and batting lined up and blade in the cutter... ready, set.......

I'm also excited about my "other" challenge group, Artitude.  This is a brand new group of about 25 people who came together via the Quiltart list to do similar challenges.  I think that Artitude has some more "newbie" type members, but  I know there are some really experienced and successful artists too.    Some very generous members have been working through the process of creating a private website for us to "meet" on, and deciding on our challenges.  This group will be monthly, so we will have a little more time to think than the FFFC folks.

I also just joined a local quilters guild here in my hometown, and they will be holding their annual show next weekend.  I am so excited to suddenly be connected to so many fun and accomplished people.

Since I've decided to try blogging regularly again,  I will also try to post what I've accomplished on my quilt art projects each day (or week).  Yesterday I didn't get as much time as I'd hoped,  (when do I ever??) but I did assemble the quilt sandwich for my Chair of Your Dreams quilt.  That was a small but significant step.  I had to dig the black batting out from behind the dresser (yes, storage is becoming a crisis!) and get S.O. to help unfold and cut it.   I had to buy a queen size piece of black batting for the original dark-colored piece, "Twenty-seven," (also not finished, but at least partly quilted) because that was all the shop had in stock and I was too impatient to wait for a special order small piece.   So I've gotta do a lot more dark stuff.

I also spent a lot of time this weekend studying the Dear Jane quilt, thinking and sketching ideas and re-drafting some block patterns on AutoCAD to print out.  I don't know WHY I am starting this Dear Jane thing right middle of all the art quilt groups starting up, but I just couldn't resist it.  I'm not totally sure about the colors I'll use, but I know I want it to be in the same vein as the original, but more pastels and less browns.  I did decide on one color - which is a aqua tone, something I've been collecting for an eventual bed quilt for myself.  It only takes a few snips out of each fabric to make the DJ blocks, the rest can go towards a more easily completed functional quilt.  But now I have to make the blocks that land in that color of the quilt, or else start mixing and mingling them around.  I'm not sure I want to do that, I think Jane had a careful organization that balanced the heavier and lighter elements...

Anywho - right before bed I cut out the pieces for block A-6 Uncle Homer.
So there.
It's started.
What have I done?

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