Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Down

Okay.  I completed one acceptable Dear Jane block tonight.  168 more to go.  
That's about it.  Work and then my workout took all the available physical and mental energy today.
Except that I browsed the used bookstore at lunch, looking for examples of chiaroscuro.   I know what it is an how Rembrant used it.   How I'm going to use it in an art quilt is a different story.

24 hours til we get our first challenge.  Seems like I've been waiting forever.


I hope it's exact enough.  It looks a bit crooked on the grid.


  1. Congratulations Sharon on your start of a wonderful journey. I'm sure you will love it. Your block looks great, beautiful fabric.
    Happy stitching

  2. Thanks Paula! And thanks for leaving the comment, It's nice to know someone's looking.

  3. Sharon- thank you for your positive comments on my blog! I appreciate the feedback! I look forward to taking this journey with you! I found a book at the library quite accidently about the quilted postcards. I just love them - though I do intend to give most of them in person! I am excited to start my FFFC quilt tomorrow! I need to pick up a few supplies tomorrow. I am trying very hard to buy as few supplies as possible!! I took the pictures I need though! I am excited about my concept but I look at the samples from the challenge and they were pretty amazing. Have Fun Sewing....