Saturday, September 25, 2010


The big moment for announcement of the FFFC Challenge finally came at 9:00 pm Thursday night, and I was so drained from the day at work that I completely forgot to look at it until I was already in bed.  I like the idea, it's a concept I learned in art history classes but never thought about doing anything with it myself.   Of course I never really thought much about doing any kind of art...

Yesterday I was thinking about doing something with a figure study, I tried to sketch out the idea of  person sleeping, with moonlight falling through the window casting a bright square of light over the head and shoulders while the rest of the figure disappeared in the darkness.   That was very interesting and challenging but I quickly realized that successfully executing it in fabric, in any sort of "Fast" manner was going to be impossible for me.

In the evening I looked again at the examples posted on the website, and decided that some of architectural subject would probably meet the intent of the challenge, and was something I'd already thought a bit about, so I could move forward quickly.  I went back to some great photos that a friend had taken in Europe and posted on his Facebook page.  Then I pulled out some old architectural history books to look more at how light an shadow fall on different elements.  

I think I have a direction now.

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