Friday, September 9, 2011

Finishing Things

Here's a shot that makes me happy.  Finished projects.  Left, top: Celtic Knot; Left bottom: the untitled auction piece by Barbara Bushey and Shanna Robinson that I purchased at QSDS.  I absolutely love this piece, and looking at it inspires me every day.  Center: City Hall.  Right: Cloister.  Bottom:  All my wonderful fabrics, beautifully sorted and folded.  :)  Happy.
Closeup of City Hall:  I finished quilting (gotta call it done at some point) and put the back back on -with a hanging sleeve.  I fastened it too low, and only on the bottom, not the top also, so the top sort of sags... but I got some help and advice on that from the G.T. gang.

Closeup of Celtic Knot: This is actually sideways, but oh well.  It's symmetrical.   This was my first try at the simple flat facing from Blue Moon.  I'm not sure why I get these "poked out" corners when I do this type of facing.  Am I clipping too much?

Anyway, it sure feels good to get things done.  The UFO list is down from 25 to 22!

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