Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Loose Ends

Hoping to have something to take for show and tell tomorrow,  I finished reattaching the back to "City Hall" but realized that a loose pillowcase back without any quilting is not great for hanging support.  Maybe I'll run a couple of the major lines through it?

I started looking at making a facing for the Celtic Knot,  from a tutorial on Blue Moon River (Susan Brubaker Knapp's Site).   

I'm starting to wonder what to do with the very first early pieces I made, that really don't have any reason to exist, I don't want them on my wall but don't want to throw them in the trash.  Maybe I'll list them on Etsy, not that I'd expect anyone to buy them but just so I can call them "stock" instead of junk.

Forgot to photograph the Round Robin, darn it.

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