Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I find that I really seem to need deadlines and motivation to finish things.  I've resolved not to show or post "in progress" projects to challenges or show and tells.  It seems disrespectful in a way to the people who did put in the effort to finish, and also takes away the motivation for that final push if I've already "revealed" in some way.  With tonight's meeting approaching I was able to do some yard work early in the evening, and still finish the facing on the Celtic Knot last night.   However, I have no concern with posting progress photos on this blog - that's what it's for.  
And here's a look at what I did on Jo's Round Robin quilt.  Now if I can only get in touch with the next person and get the switch made so I have time to work on whatever's coming at me next!

Overall View



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