Monday, April 16, 2012


I spent a wonderful afternoon in LaConner yesterday.  Carol Taylor's talk about her work was riveting.  I am constantly surprised and  grateful when such leaders in the field are so willing to share, explain, and discuss their work, their inspiration and their techniques.  Maybe I'm surprised because architects rarely do this.  If you go to a lecture by a well-known architect you do get pictures of their work and what inspired it, and maybe some anecdotes about design along the way, but not the process that they go through to design.

So Carol showed some work from each of her series, and her design process, as well as some of the techniques she uses, fused applique that is then satin-stitched down, preparation of individual "confetti" pieces that are the building block for those quilts... and her current work that take uses leaf forms.

After the lecture, she led us on a tour of her work hanging in the museum.  There was a great selection from all of the series, and I took a zillion photos (with her permission).  I'm sure I will refer to them frequently when I am wondering,"How did she do that??"  As always, seeing the work in real life was SO much better than books...  I need to go to more shows!

Carol Taylor Arc-i-textures Workshop
Tomorrow is my full-day class on "Arc-i-textures."  I have selected a funky kimono silk in shades of olive green and sort of mango orange/pink  (Orange again??) to base my palette on.  Hope that's not a mistake!!

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