Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just Get It Done

I think I'm tired of playing with these pieces.  After my last post I did decide to go to nine squares.  Must be that early architectural training, but I feel more comfortable with a 3x3 organization than the 2x4 I showed last time.  I feel like I've learned all I can learn from playing with these same pieces.  Now I want to assemble it and be done.   I kept wanting it to be more intuitive and free, but that just looked like mishmash to me.  And other than the other students in the class, I couldn't find any examples of that type of work that helped me understand.   So I'm back to structure.  The filmstrips will go in, one on each orange square.  I will make five more blocks of that size from the other bits and pieces, they won't be identical because there are not ten of the other little units.  The concepts I will use to create them and to organize the final composition will be "mango" as furthest background, yellow vertical and horizontal strips as next ground.  Lime green lines reading both vertical and horizontal...

First instinct was to make all the yellow vertical and all the green horizontal like this:  

But it seemed too static.  Once my eye gets done connecting yellow bands, it's bored.  In the first version I think my eye stays moving around more.  


  1. So - I am now caught up with your Nancy Crow process thus far. As I am no art critic and cannot presume to critique your designs, it is intriguing and I must say that I agree with your on the first version. I love what you have done and am amazed at your persistence in getting it right/done for yourself. I love the addition of the "filmstrips". Keep going girl - you will conquer it to be sure.

  2. Thanks for the supportive comments! I am having a lot of fun with it - wish I had more time to focus, but maybe it's good to step away sometimes.