Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still Restructuring

I have not had any concentrated time to work on my current piece so I steal little bits of time whenever I can, before work, lunch, before bed.  For that reason it is nice to have my design wall smack in the middle of the living space.  I am always walking by it.  With the new basement studio it will be a bit more remote, and I will have to make more of an effort to go there.  I can't say the stolen time has let to much progress, I just keep looking at and trying different things.

In this one I finally cut and sewed that piece of striped fabric that I was so in love with in between the two large "mango" blocks.  As soon as  I saw it I hated it and pulled it back out.  The combined piece was too big and clunky.  How to organize the smaller strips is still eluding  me.

Here I started looking at how to make the little units start to connect to a bigger figure or ground by using colors that are already in them.  In photos the light and dark orange look almost the same, in reality they don't.  But it's still too much orange for me.

More playing.  Focusing on using three of the large blocks and creating three smaller ones.   I can't give up the filmstrips, but have not found a home for them yet. The black being the only black is not good.  There is some in the very dark strip I made, but not much.  And if the turquoise is going to come in, I need MORE turquoise..

So I started putting more and more "stuff" on the wall.  It got overwhelming and I pulled it all down again last night.  But now that I look back this composition actually seems to be going somewhere...  I like that the bright segments are balancing out the overabundance of pastels.  I just need to give them the right structure.

This is what it looked like last night when I decided to go back to using all four of the pastel units and lay things out more exactly,  looking for how to use the small units to make four others.  But I'm not loving the horizontal proportions.  Maybe I need to go to nine units.  But I need a bigger wall for that!

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