Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yesterday and today I was able to steal a few bits of time before work and at lunch, and I now have just one more seam to do. Too tired tonight to focus on it, though. I've added some "compensating strips" in several places which emphasize the nine separate squares more than the continuity between the parts, not sure if this is what I like best, but one cannot diddle around endlessly! At this point three of the four four-way block intersections match up exactly, the last one won't. Will this look like an unintentional screw up, or just a variation...? No pix today, sorry.



  1. I found your blog my clicking on your name on a comment on Kathy Loomis's blog. I am fascinated by the Film Strip quilt in all its incarnations.
    I think it is stunning! I also enjoyed seeing your studio's development. It looks like a fabulous space. Love the oriental rug!

    1. Thanks very much for visiting Norma, I'll be posting the finished Filmstrips quilt top later this morning, and then I have to decide how to quilt it. Let me know what you think!