Thursday, June 21, 2012

Constructing Blocks

Here's my clumsy attempt at combining photos in Notability on the iPad, then e-mailing them to myself as pdf's,  printing them to smaller pdf, then resaving as a jpeg.  Gosh technology's wonderful.  Anyway I'm a little behind with adding photos to my entries.  These are where I was yesterday morning.  Yesterday evening and this morning I jumped into making the new "Block 3"  Fun piecing and restructuring, but nothing finalized yet.

I spent a good part of Sunday in the studio, and I'm happy with the progress I'm making.   I decided on an additional "sub block" to add to the three purple Z blocks making them the same width as the orange one.  I get excited when I'm able to start assembling the larger units together!   But it suddenly occurred to me to turn them upside down, now I'm bogged down in which orientation is better.   I'll take some pictures tonight.  For some strange reason it always helps me to look at photos rather than the quilt itself!

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