Sunday, July 15, 2012

Map Quilts!

It seems my little idea/obsession is hitting the big time.  I just discovered an announcement by Sheila Frampton Cooper of an exhibit she will be organizing for the Road to California show. Entries are due November 10.  I can do this.  I had started some practice pieces in Valerie's class about my grandmother's house.  I may continue that direction, or start a completely new "fantasy" idea I've been thinking about based on a fantasy building design I once did...hmmm.

I have been questioning whether I should stick to just the Crow exercises and explorations or continue also pursuing the map/plan idea...  Two parallel series... I don't think its uncommon.  Although there's a lot to be said for focus, too.


  1. oh oh. this is exciting. I love Sheila's work and cannot wait to see this exhibit. you have inspired me to give this a try. focus focus focus is key

  2. Yes! Focus... Decisions to be made, a schedule to be set. Milestones to achieve.....