Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mojo's Back

Since finishing the Filmstrips top I'd been feeling sort of aimless, nothing down in the studio calling my name, but after playing a bit more with the neutral strips, I'm totally pyched again.  Reading the blog of another quilter working on this same track motivated me even more.  Not in a competitive way (though I certainly can be competitive) but more in a "I'm not crazy, or if I am I'm not crazy alone sort of way).  I snuck (sneaked?) home at lunch again... here's an update on what was done.  I've got to learn to take pictures!

While I was sewing it last night I was SO convinced the green/black/green divider was the right thing.  Now, not so much. Visual decisions should be made visually!

Here are the navy and maroon "units" I made.  I am starting to HATE this chartreuse green, but it was in the original made fabric from the workshop so I added a little more to make it more intentional, but I don't know what to do next.   I have SO much to learn about color, and color "schemes" as architects would call them.  Art is different.  But I still don't like conservative dark serious colors peppered with neon.

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