Saturday, July 28, 2012

Over the Procrastination Hump

I'd been coming up with any number of excuses not to start quilting anything, but the truth was I have not done any free motion quilting for over a year, and I knew I would be back to square one. But I convinced myself to "just do it," this afternoon, and spent an hour or so practicing. I watched a couple Leah Day videos and pulled out a couple books to guide me, but mostly just played with different techniques, trying to re-familiarize myself with the feel of it.

The table height which felt just fine for piecing is way too high for quilting, so I decided to try a counter stool.  I had decided to try using the On/Off button instead of the foot pedal to control the machine, so it worked okay.  I'm wondering what the pros and cons of this technique are. The button takes the machine up to whatever speed you set and then stays there, eliminating one variable.  The only control you have over your stitch length is how fast you move the fabric. There are automatically a couple in place stitches when you stop moving fabric and reach for the button.

I think in the end I will go back to the foot pedal, but for now this seems to be a good way to start.  

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