Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Six Weeks Into 2014

Updating my blog has not been a high priority.  That's actually a good thing, I think, because it means I'm probably busy doing something more productive.  But I suddenly realized we are a month and a half into 2014.  If you have a brain like mine that automatically starts calculating things, you'll already know that is 1/8th of the year over!    So I decided to update instead of doing yoga this morning.  :(

It also means that Nancy Crow workshops are only a couple weeks away!!!!!  ACK!  How did that happen?  I was supposed to have ten new quilt tops to show!!  And I need all those motifs sewed up!!!

I have been sketching motifs like crazy - at work, on the ipad, in a sketchbook, occasionally.  But no choosing or sewing.  So I'd better start.  Instead I've been trying to get tops done to take for show and tell.

I need to put in a big fabric order, too.  In preparation, I bought myself a new Kona card.  Yay!

Here's a quick photo-journey of recent weeks for you:

This Christmas wall hanging didn't get done in time for display this year,
so I figured I'd better get it done before I put it away and forget about it until it's too late again next year.
It just needs binding and a pocket to hold the battery pack now.

I sandwiched and quilted this little guy.
Mistake: Black batting makes the seams show through in the pink.
(I assure you that is hot pink, regardless of what my camera thinks.
I was worried about white fuzz in the dark gray.

This little tidbit was a piece left over from the Color Prints series.
I cut it down to size and made an "envelope" backing
for the SAQA "trunk show" but I didn't  like how lumpy and crooked it was.
So it will probably become a "mug rug."
Went off track with some  "functional sewing."
 This old white shoe-lace lanyard-thingy for my Rotary name tag was just looking too tatty to wear in public,
so I had the idea to make a patchwork one.
It only took and hour (Really!) and was made out of little scrap strips just sitting on the table.  

Most of my studio time recently has been spent on finishing up the Bull's Eye project from last years' N.C. workshops.
After assembling the first circle last year, I had forgotten the formula for cutting the arcs to fit the circles,
so that took some mistakes and recutting.
Thankfully I did one at a time.
As I get into it I am really liking it.
The biggest issue is that the cutting and re-piecing of the circle's parts made them much smaller than the original arcs so the arcs had to be reshaped, making them short/crooked.  Like the orange on the lower left circle.
So I have been piecing in extra fabric to make the blocks rectangular.
(Square is a stretch (literally).  I'm happy with rectangular).
I really hope I will have this top ready to take to the workshop.

Binding and beading some old projects is my work for Olympics TV time.

I pulled this pile of print fabrics, with the hope/dream of making a couple more Color Prints pieces before the workshop.
All I have to do is  make strip pieced fabrics, and compose and assemble something.
Sure, why not?
Okay, I'm publicly challenging myself here!
I would love to rebuild this piece too, but there is much to be done there.
Like start over.  Get rid of those "medium light" fabrics.
I'm not sure what Nancy intended with this exercise, but I know I killed something I loved
by attempting to comply with her direction to use very light and then medium light backgrounds.
After Christmas I put up a little gallery of finished projects in the hall, and immediately became depressed at how few I have and how old they are!  Like the Orange Chair.  :P

This fabric is persistently calling my name.  I think it would make a great Stack n' Wack but that's not a very creative idea, so I'm waiting to find out if it wants to be part of a Color Prints piece.  it's just so "already done" in itself that I'm not sure I can do anything else interesting with it.

That's about it for the first 1/8th of 2014.   

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