Monday, November 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Now that the big quilt is done  and off the wall, I decided to pull out a bunch of UFO's to get my mind back into design mode.  This is not ALL the UFO's but it is a good representation.  There are also a couple "finished" pieces, that currently have no homes.  

This noon I went through the start up process to start selling on Etsy.  My intent is to put up some of these pieces at reasonable prices and see what happens.  I have no desire to keep them all here.  I consider them learning experiences rather than finished art work.   I will be clear with my descriptions that they are "student" work, and priced accordingly.  I hope that by the end of the year I can have a good selection of items to make it feel like a real "Shop."  There is also the process of customizing the shop to make it appealing.   It's too late in the year to go after Christmas markets, but I might work on some Valentine's Day items. 

I really have to learn how to photograph my work better.  Without flash, the light seems too yellowish.  With flash it's sort of dark and blueish.  
The whole design wall

Large blocks from Gwen Maston Class

Small blocks from Gwen Marston Class

Blocks done when I was participating in the Bumblebeans 15 Minutes Play site.

An almost-finished piece featuring bead embellishment.

FFFC Challenge on Art Deco

The piece from QSDS featuring the "Gram's House" plan

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