Monday, November 28, 2011

Wonky Cabins

Over the long weekend I was able to finish the quilt top for a piece I am calling "Wonky Cabins."  It is a nine-patch (obviously) made up of the bits and pieces I created in the Gwen Marston class in May.   I consider it a practice piece.  I'm not unhappy with it, and in fact hope to have it sandwiched, quilted and on the wall for our office party on December 16.   But rather than a work of art, I consider it a learning experience.  I definitely prefer working intuitively to following a set pattern or system, even if the design is of my own devising, I get bored executing it multiple times.  But it's hard sometimes to see where you're going when you start without and end in mind.  I wasn't sure that the black blocks with the "bits" really even wanted to be in the same composition with the wonky log cabins, but to be honest, I just wanted them all "used up," because I was ready to move on.  I'm also ready to be done with prints.  Too bad I have a huge stash of them!   

I am not sure yet if I will put a border of some sort on it or not.  Looking at Gwen's samples She uses a wide border frequently to sort of corral things. 
Wonky Cabins
So my own critique: 
1) The color palette is varied enough to provide interest, but limited enough that it doesn't seem totally random. 
2) I like the wonky then squared feeling of chaos within organized framework.
3) I like the way the orange stripes give it a "base." (Only turned it sideways after completing and decided I liked it that way),   
4)  I think the repeated fabrics, especially the aquas and oranges, pop out and create enough contrast in the blocks to keep the eye moving and interested. 
5) Ditto for the floating blocks in the center of the black squares.
6) Even though the blocks were randomly pieced and not measured at all, I liked being able to inprovise enough to make them line up in rows.  

1) The intended light/dark log cabin blocks don't have enough contrast (or I wasn't consistent enough) to make the pattern recognizable. 
2) The Xs in the black squares stand out too much, I wanted the Ls to be floating in a sea of black.
2) Some of the dark colors are too muddy next to each other. 
3) I'm not sure if it's wonky enough or just looks like I'm really sloppy or lazy.
4) There's no focal point or hierarchy so my eye just wanders in circles.

Bits before being assembled
Anyway,  I read a really good comment recently and swore I'd remember where it was this time so I could link and credit, but of course I don't.  The gist of it was that it's not bad to be dissatisfied with your work, because if you are passionate about your art, then you will always be striving to be better with each completed piece...    

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