Monday, November 21, 2011

The Visual and Verbal Together

I spend a LOT of time - okay, WAY too much time - clicking around Pinterest. It's impossible to go there without clicking one or two little pins.  Even to retrieve the URL just now.   It's just so addicting to have this constant feed of visual stimulation.  And it hooks itself in to my horder instincts.  Instead of piles of design magazines that I "might need for reference one day," or file drawers of clipped articles for the same purpose, I can now stick every image that intrigues me on a virtual pin board.  What could be better?!?
(Road to Town, woodcut by Gustave Baumann, 1881-1971, 
German-born American artist and puppeteer)
Well, here's something better that I found while browsing Pinterest last night - an Art/Poetry blog.  I just LOVE the way she illustrates her daily poetry selections.  Hope you'll enjoy it as well:  A Poem A Day From the George Hail Library, Selected by Maria Horvath.  Enjoy!

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