Monday, August 13, 2012


Once I gave myself permission to let go of the ideas I was trying to force on myself and the fabric, I felt free again... here are some (bad) photos of what I played with last night...    I was so gung-ho to stick that gold colored fabric in the blocks with the black + because it would make them all "go" together.  I think it was wrong.  Too light in value, no contrast with the tan.  As soon as I saw it, I heard: "Make visual decisions visually!"  I didn't try it on the wall first, just rushed to get something done.  Do I rip it out, or just move on?
[noontime light bulb moment: cut a skinny line into it??]

Gotta work on the photography. That blue line of tape should be vertical.   Too much stuff between me and the wall.  Gotta work on the design wall, too, for that matter.  Lots more space to be covered.  Wonder if I should use batting or flannel?

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