Monday, August 20, 2012

Odds and Ends

I was able to spend a considerable amount of time in the studio today, although a lot of it was not creative time. I learned how to make hanging sleeves and made a two-piece one for the large quilt. I took five quilts to be in the Moonlight Quilters show which is next weekend. They are:

Beacon in the Darkness

Wonky Log Cabins

Organic Waves

Stolen Moments

Then I worked on the deck cushions.  One is done and the second one just needs a minor adjustment. Three more to make. Greg was right, I should have just bought them at Home Depot.

I looked at my twenty-one yards of new fabric and attempted to visually sort them by value. Way Off! I wish I'd taken a photo of my attempt but I too quickly rearranged them correctly after peering through the "Ruby Beholder." (what a name!)  So work with me a minute on this: enlarge the photo by clicking it - then count up from the bottom, or darkest fabric.  Doesn't it look like #5 & #6 should be moved up (lighter) and #7 &  #8 moved down (darker)?  Now go to the colored photo.  5 & 6 are the chartreuse and magenta.  They are LIGHTER than the blue and sage above them?  How can this be?  I need to be better at this!
This is how they looked after rearranging.
It seems that my weak point is in mistaking bright and/or warm colors for dark values. And also thinking that dull grayish colors are darker than they are. Can you believe that those orange-y fabrics are so light in value!?!

Same stack!
The fabrics look so much more interesting when spread out dark to light. They looked rather boring and too "pretty" when arranged by color as they were on arrival. 

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