Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Off Topic

After making the little lantern block for the raffle basket, I started thinking I might like paper piecing after all. I quickly googled up a pattern that appeared to be of moderate difficulty as my second project.  I didn't spend a lot of time researching patterns or selecting fabrics.

This one was designed as a poinesettia so I pulled out the random Christmas fabrics and tried it out.  There were a couple minor mistakes, like sewing the piece on in the wrong direction or accidentally cutting it off along with the seam allowance. The dark and light reds should probably have been switched, but oh well.  It took an hour and a quarter.   Three more and I'll have a little table topper or something.

Not sure why I was screwing around with this instead of working on what I "want" to work on..  But I guess the next step wasn't clear.  After finishing the star, I went back to the ribbons.  I knew that regardless of what "everybody" else is doing and regardless of what I'd resolved to do, I couldn't bring myself to put the different random fabrics into one piece.  I couldn't put the purple and coral with the neutrals.  And I was getting really bored with the ribbon concept.  So I gave myself permission to do just neutrals and to make some non-ribbon units.  Suddenly all was good again.  I made some repeated units out of the boring green/black strip:     Now I'm eager to get back to it.  

My motivation has been studying a series the Ellin Larimer did, called Pajama Party.  I really like the way she used strip piecing, and especially like the way that the four work together but each have an independent personality.  My favorite is IV: 

It looks like she will be at Indianola next year.  I'm looking forward to seeing what she's working on now.

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