Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Here it is New Year's Day.    My morning has been spend sitting in front of the computer screen, yet again.  But not in my usual procrastination mode.  It's a long story but, the computer and the parrot are in the same room.  The only possible way for the parrot to be kept quiet is to stay in the same room with him.  My husband is sleeping late, which he almost never does, so I feel obliged to keep the parrot quiet.  He's not hungover as we didn't drink much at all last night (the husband, not the parrot, but the parrot's not hung over either, but I digress).  So he must be sick.

It's not my usual procrastination mode, however, because the first thing I saw when I opened my e-mail was the workshop instructions for the March Nancy Crow workshops.  Which of course led me to an orgy of googling to look at blogs about what everyone else had done in preparation for this workshop.  Which, of course, led me to start a new Pinterest board....

I am excited just reading about NC workshops again...  The same themes repeat, exhausting, grueling, had to go outside and cry, learned more than I ever have in my life....    It's clear there is a dedicated group of NC groupies.  She is an addiction, and even though you know it's going to be draining, you crave the intensity of being around other people who share your passion, and the joy of soaking up learning as fast as you possibly can....

Time to start thinking about simple and complex motifs!

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