Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Retrospective

Yeah, everyone's doing it and it may be really boring to read but this blog is primarily for me to chronicle my adventures, and if others find it interesting, okay.  So, with that disclaimer here's my visual look back at 2013.  I realize that some of these quilt tops have been completed but I never photographed them since they weren't quilted and faced. Maybe I'll do that this weekend, and update the entry.  I hvae decided that in 2014, the definition of "done" will be completed quilt tops.  I need to accept that not every exercise is worthy of quilting well, but also not bad enough to use for practice.

Here's to a productive, creative 2014 for all of us!


  1. Wow Sharon! You got a lot done this past year. Good work

    1. Thanks Maria! It didn't feel like much until I went back and actually looked. Always a good thing to do.