Monday, January 13, 2014


I finished Color Prints #4 this morning.  
It is not as warped as it looks, but it is narrower at the bottom.  
I might have to turn it upside down and see how that looks.

I thought I might like Color Prints #1 better if I oriented it vertically.
I do.
A little. 

In my 2013 wrap-up I didn't show finished versions of these three Nancy Crow exercises.
I finished the tops last fall sometime.

This was the first day, a black & white strip piecing exercise.
I added the green at a time when I thought I would enter it in a guild challenge.
The challenge was a quilt using only black, white and one other color.

I think this was the second day.  
Two exercises using bright plus black. 
First one was just "be big and bold."
This is about 42" square.

The second one was to make it "Busy." 
Really Busy.
So I called this one Busy Signal.  
It's about 15" square.

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