Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back at the Brown Bag

Colors in this photo are not very true - the lower left is soft pink, the solid in the second row is magenta not red.  I'm going to do a square-in-square design, sort of like this one.  (I Love her quilt designs).  I hope I have enough white.  An alternative would be to go "crazy" like this one.  But I think that sort of thing works better with smaller fabrics. I like being able to "showcase" the prettier ones in the large squares. 

Required Fabrics

I think I will start by making blocks with the required fabrics in them, combined with one of the other options, or white.   Then I can decide how many of the others are used.   The model I'm following has at least 20 fabrics, but because of the white it seems to come together.  Hopefully mine will too.

A lot of the modern quilts I look at on Flickr harmonize beautifully because the fabrics are all selected from coordinated lines from one designer.   Somehow this feels like cheating to me.  Oh well.   More woodwork must be completed before I can quilt.  We have resolved to finish the rental house by the end of the  month.

In other news I've been given an extra week on the Secret Project, which is the only way I'd get anything done.  I boogered it up right before leaving on the trip and had to spend a lot of time ripping, and resewing by hand.  I tried several embroidery techniques but didn't like most of them and ripped them back out.  Last night I decided to rip out all the hand sewing, as it was a big mess.  I did some beading which I actually liked (!) 

but realized I probably should do at least a little quilting before there are too many beads in the way.   Sigh.  Maybe if I work on woodwork until 8 or 9 I can sneak in some quilting time after that.

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