Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friendship block

I did the friendship block tonight.
(tilted camera, block's not THAT deformed)

I should be happy to have another UFO checked off, but I'm not totally happy with it.  I picked a pattern from a book that was designed to finish at 9" and resized it to be 12".  It's off by about an eighth or so.  I think my math was good, it's my sewing precision that was off.  and I tried to be SO exact.
When it was first finished it was off almost 1/4 in one direction.  I was able to widen a seam to fix that problem, but there was no way to fix the other dimension without ripping pretty much the whole thing apart.  I should have been checking and measuring each piece more carefully.    Oh well.  I think it's good enough.  She can fudge the seams if she has too.   The funny thing with these is you're not really sure what the person plans to do with them. She asked for 12-1/2" blocks, but I'm not sure how many.... so she could probably make a pretty big quilt, and leave mine out if she hates it.   Well,  anyway, I don't think I'll try another one any time soon!  And at least for awhile, I am NOT signing up for any more challenges, classes, bees, or committees.  Time to do what I want.  (After finishing all the other stuff I've signed up for...).  Tomorrow,  I start cutting for the Brown Bag,  I hope.

I'm registered for two classes in May,  I didn't realize they were the same week, so I'll be taking a mini-quilting retreat vacation right here in Bellingham.  The first one is a two-day workshop with Janet Fogg. She does work that uses both traditional block piecing and pictorial art... should be interesting.  Then on Friday of the same week, Gwen Marston, and the Liberated Log Cabin.

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