Monday, February 14, 2011

Down to the wire

I was lucky enough to get a week's reprieve on the Super Secret block, as I'd hoped there was the "given" deadline and the "I really need it by" deadline.  But I couldn't give much time to it this weekend, because of the big push to get the rental house done.  So I had to "steal" little bits of time, coming home on lunch hour, sketching before breakfast.   I guess that's a sign that I'm doing something I really love, right?

I went back and quilted without destroying the beadwork Saturday night, though I did loosen it a bit, I'm afraid.  Then yesterday I sketched out some birds to go in the house.  So this morning's project was just to get the bird sketches onto freezer paper, so that I can start cutting out some appliqué pieces tonight.  They're tiny but I just need two body pieces, then some tiny bits for eyes and beaks.  Or I could make the beaks with embroidery, possibly.

I owe credit to Laura Wasilowski for inspiring the birds, but I hope I'm just being inspired, not plagiarizing.  Maybe I should do something different with the head feathers.  Maybe I can come home at lunch...

1:57 -  I was able to get time at lunch to make up some Misty-fuse backed fabric, and found a template for a circle that will be the right size.

Tuesday am: the birds, wings, and house-holes are cut out and ready to be fused, after I figure out feathers, eyes and beaks.

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